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Why Video?

53% of the world's population uses social media - yes - half the population of planet Earth

By 2023 there will be 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second - Cisco

By 2023 Facebook will consist of 85% video content

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Facebook leads way in online video boom

There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years. 

And even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up by as much as 60% since March 2020, as more and more people use online for shopping, browsing and entertaining.

Views of branded video content has increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. 

On Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet. 

If you haven’t taken a closer look at the power of social media and video together, you’re in for a surprise. The numbers are big. Really big.

“I see video as a megatrend,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, February 2017

Facebook has the largest audience of any social network, with more than 2.07 billion monthly active users. 

That’s more than one-third of the world’s population, and a whole lot of those people are watching video. 

Around 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook. 

Like YouTube, Facebook has a massive and diverse audience, which makes it harder to characterise than the emoji-filled landscape of SnapChat. 

The overall point to remember about Facebook is that people come to be entertained. 

Of the 79 per cent of marketers who have published video content on Facebook, 85 per cent say it has been a success.

– Remember graphics: 85 percent of videos are viewed with the volume off, according to Digiday.

– Create playlists of videos: Make it easy for people to find similar videos.

– Add a featured video: You can pin a video to the top of your page to introduce your brand or highlight a new product.

– Upload videos directly to Facebook: Native videos give you analytics and better visibility in the feed.

– Make sure you have a call to action: Give them something to do after they watch (or during) the video with an on-screen CTA.

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It’s 2020 - and if you haven’t switched on to video yet? You are definitely missing out.

It’s 2022 - and if you haven’t switched on to video yet? You are definitely missing out.

Because video as a marketing tool, to sell, engage or generate an audience, is booming.

To prove my points I found some very interesting stats developed by Hubspot, who researched last year into what effect video was having on business.

You may be shocked, or maybe you won’t be - if you are already in tune with what is happening out there on the web and on social media.

Here’s what they found:

• 70% of consumers say they’ve shared a brand’s video, 72% of businesses say video improved their internet conversion rate.

• 52% of consumers say watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

• Consumers prefer video above all other forms of content in learning about new products or services.

• Video usage is accelerating at a phenomenal rate - but many businesses are yet to add it to their marketing strategy.

Now they are impressive numbers, and a clear indication why your business needs to embrace video.

But here’s some more data that should convince you:

Live Video - live streaming services on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. This will grow significantly in 2020. Marketing research is discovering that live streaming encourages more audience engagement and will retain video viewers longer than pre-recorded content. 

One-to one video. What? Well, the latest marketing data suggests there is great value in sending personalised video messages to get leads and communicate with customers. Better than calling on the telephone or sending an email, they say. 

360 and Virtual Reality. New technology has enabled cameras to provide a 360 degree experience, allowing viewers to control that experience. Virtual technology makes viewers believe they are in, or a part of, the video. 

This could be big in education, healthcare, business and on social media platforms.

Blogs into Vlogs.  Yes, is going to be really big. Instead of writing content, record it as a video. And this really does engage with your audience  - it makes you appear more authentic, more in touch.

The new TV.  There has been a massive shift in audience allegiance from TV  to internet based platforms. 

In 2016, the average weekly time spent watching video on the internet was 9.5 hours and research indicates this will double in 2021.

And finally, add  add video as a major tool for cost effective ways of training staff, internal communications, customer support, human resources, information technology, sales and marketing.

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One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

So you haven’t switched on to video yet? Video as in video for your website or video for your social media platforms?

It’s the biggest growth trend in online marketing  - so big, here’s a few facts to make my point: One million (yes, one million) minutes of video cross the internet every second!

Yep, every second. And one billion minutes of video is viewed every day on YouTube. Enough to whet your appetite?  Want to know more?

I did, when I started researching this amazing medium a year or two back. The numbers are impressive - lots of them, so let’s continue withe the numbers sell…

74% of people who watched an explainer video went on to buy the product. And the number rises to 83% if you can grab their attention with a real good story. That’s where I come in - building a story to tell via your video.

I’m told even lazy people are more engaged to watch it - so what is there to lose? A video is also likely to increase your awareness in a google search 53 times. And in case you hadn’t spotted the trend, 90% of all video is watched on a cellphone/mobile.

I write that from the comfort of my own office, via my laptop - but the message is clear - by 2022 85 of all posts on social media will be video driven.

The next question I am often faced with is: “I don’t have the budget t make great videos.” You don’t have to.Of course if you want a bespoke 1 minute Hollywood blockbuster with all the bells and whistles it will cost -  but often the best videos with the best engagement are short, precise explainers or animation videos that I can produce for you at an ‘affordable’ price.

You don’t have to have the ‘know-how’ or the time – just leave it to me. Because you simpler have to join the 78% of people on planet earth who watch videos every week. Amazingly 54% watch every day. That’s a few billion people – who might be interested in your product.

Given those stats, the next figure also tells a story  - remember the picture tells a thousand words, tale?

Well, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! And as a wordsmith  – I have worked in the media industry for 30 years - in print and online - that numbers sticks out – big time.

But who watches, you may ask. 59% of execs would rather watch a video than plough through pages of text. And video helps people retain the information better as well, as high as 95%v of the message is remembered. On Facebook, which you may be reading this blog right now, people watch 100 million  hours of video every day. 500 million potential customers out there every day watching video content on FB.

On YouTube the numbers are even bigger - five times bigger. Yes, 500 million hours each and every day.

Instagram doesn’t miss out either - its video growth jumped 40% in 2016 - and now, in 2019, it’s still growing at a phenomenal rate.

I hope you are now beginning to understand the power vide has over social media and the potential it has for you grow your customer base and of course, sales. It doesn’t matter what business you are in – it works on all platforms for all businesses.

Whether you are a real estate agent, a small business owner, you are in travel, e-commerce, financial services, in hospitality or in retail - take my word for it, it works.

Now, let’s get the point … where is YOUR video? On your website, or on social media?

Take it from me, this is no overnight sales gimmick, tis is here to stay - and it will only grow as mobile phone saturation/usage grows.

I used to work in newspapers. 20 years ago it was ‘the’ place to advertise. But it was often expensive.

Take a look at newspapers today – struggling to stay alive. Advertising revenues gone.  And the same with terrestrial ‘free-to-air’ TV, as streaming and other online services take over, offering viewers so many different options.

So … you want video to explain your company, your product, your service? And you want it an affordable rate?

Call or message me. And let’s together see how we can grow your business online with some great video content.

Go on - don’t wait – do it TODAY.

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No matter what your business - video can help you - to inform, to create awareness of your brand and your products, to advertise new products, events, services, sales, your new opening hours, or perhaps you are relocating.
If you are not using video right now, here's why you should be.

And there are some amazing statistics:
  • Financial advisers who blog and vlog make on average 67% more leads using video
  • 57% of investors are interested in interacting with their advisers on social media - including video
  • E-Commerce sites featuring product videos report an increase in conversion rates of up to 85%
  • 46% of consumers said they made a purchase as result of watching a brand video on social media
  • 70% of people who used social media as part of their research into purchasing a car, said they were influenced by video
  • Bookings in the hospitality industry are 67% more likely to happen when a video tour is available
  • 54% of customers said they watched a video before booking accommodation
  • 1 billion restaurant visits worldwide are influenced by online marketing - video is No.1
  • 85% of buyers want a real estate agent who uses video
  •  Home shoppers are more likely to buy if influenced by a video campaign
  • On average consumers spend 2 minutes longer on retail sites that use video
  • Online retailers who use video on their sites and social media boost customer browsing by 340%
  • 70% of sports fans who like or follow a brand online say they are open to sharing brand content, buying goods or engaging with social posts
  •  40 minutes is the average time travellers spend online looking for holiday a flight or a trip - video here is king!
  • There are 100 millions unique travel seekers globally every month of the year

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